Toledo Divorce Attorney

Our firm understands that your divorce involves a difficult time of transition and change. For that reason, we always work diligently to provide our services within a larger context of empathy and compassion. We know that working through a divorce is often just as much about working productively to reach a resolution, as knowing the specific legal, technical issues involved.

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Our firm strives to offer clients a patient, listening and collaborative environment. By working closely with our clients, we understand their goals, both legally and practically.

This understanding creates an opportunity for us to divide property fairly and to establish sustainable rules for future interaction in any divorce agreement. In many cases, by working closely with our clients, we help our clients and their ex-spouses come to a mutually satisfactory divorce agreement that they can both live with rather than having the judge impose an unsatisfactory agreement that no one wants to live with.

In all cases, we know that our divorce clients are looking for a firm that can structure its client engagements intelligently. We take great pride in offering our clients a large law firm experience at small law firm rates. Contact us today to learn more about how our firm can work with you to build a custom client arrangement that best fits your divorce needs.

As part of tailoring our engagements to the needs of our clients, we provide marital dissolution representation at a flat fee. Let us help you determine if your divorce needs would be best met by a flat-fee dissolution proceeding.

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Schedule an appointment to discuss your matter with attorney Joshua Nolan by calling 419-442-7785. You can also contact our firm online. All communications between potential clients and our firm enjoy the confidentiality protection of the attorney-client privilege.