Business Law Attorney: Serving Toledo And Nearby Areas

At Nolan Law LLC, we provide our entire client base with the benefits of an experienced attorney who understands the importance of working closely with his clients, from the biggest to the smallest. As a result of his experience as an attorney in one of Ohio's largest law firms, our firm's founder, Joshua Nolan, knows how to perform under high-stakes business pressures. As the owner of his own private practice, he also understands how to manage the tremendous pressures that affect his clients' personal lives.

We help our clients successfully meet a wide variety of business law challenges. Our experience ranges from business formation, mergers and acquisitions .

Land Use, Zoning, Business And Real Estate Lawyer: Bowling Green And All Of Northwest Ohio

Our business clients turn to us for our assistance with respect to difficult matters affecting their day-to-day operation. Mr. Nolan's years of service in one of Ohio's largest law firms provided him with the experience necessary to properly advise clients concerning business formation and legal compliance matters. Our firm maintains a particular niche in land use and zoning, especially with regard to representing citizens groups concerned about the dangers of improperly sited wind turbines.

Intelligent Fee Structures

We know that our clients, whether businesses or families, are looking for a firm that can structure its client engagements intelligently. We take great pride in offering our clients large-firm experience at small-firm rates. Contact us today to learn more about how our firm can work with you to build a custom client arrangement that best fits your needs.

Business Law Attorney: Serving Toledo, Ohio, And All Surrounding Communities

Schedule an appointment to discuss your matter with attorney Joshua Nolan by calling 419-442-7785. You can also contact our firm online. All communications between potential clients and our firm enjoy the confidentiality protection of the attorney-client privilege.