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Helping Parents With Custody And Visitation Matters

For obvious reasons, child custody disputes are among the most difficult and contested issues in family law. Most parents would do anything to protect their children and are wary of any arrangement that would limit their time with their kids.

At Nolan Law, LLC, our firm understands the difficult emotional issues that can come with child-related divorce issues. We assist many Ohio clients who need advice in these matters, particularly with respect to child custody and visitation.

Personal Experience Informs Our Family Law Practice

Joshua Nolan, our firm’s founding lawyer, understands these issues on a professional and a personal level: He is a child of divorce and now the parent of two adopted children. He can assist clients to understand the court’s “best interests of the child” standard and how it affects each client’s matter. In doing so, attorney Nolan emphasizes the importance of an individualized attorney-client relationship in identifying the issues in your matter and building a strong legal case.

Establishing Paternity And Petitioning For Parental Rights

Our firm also assists clients needing legal guidance with respect to paternity issues. Many unmarried fathers today may not know that they have no legal right to be a part of the lives of their children without court recognizing their paternity. Our firm can help you establish paternity and petition to have your parental rights recognized and respected.

Learn More By Scheduling An Initial Consultation

From our office in Toledo, Nolan Law, LLC, serves family law clients in northwest Ohio. To discuss your case with an experienced family law attorney, call us at 419-442-7785, or fill out our online contact form.