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Don't forget contingencies in your residential sales agreement

Deciding to buy a house is a huge financial and time commitment. Not only could the home you choose come with the largest price tag you will ever see, but it will probably take you decades to finally pay off and call your own. Even if you do decide to sell somewhere down the road, you will more than likely spend more money on this asset than any other you will ever own.

For this reason, you want to make sure that you get the best possible deal. You may also want the opportunity to walk away if it turns out not to be the best option for you. You could give yourself that peace of mind by including contingencies in your residential sales agreement.

Have you chosen an entity for your business?

If you have a great idea for a business, you may want to run right out and purchase new office furniture, fancy pens with your company name and business cards with a logo you designed yourself. However, running a business is far more complex than presenting a sharp image.

Your business will likely have many serious issues to deal with, including contracts, employment law, taxes and potential liability. You can face each of these as they arise and hope you get it right, or you can plan from the start to protect yourself and your business by choosing a business entity that is most appropriate for your goals and registering your business with the state of Ohio.

Changes to Ohio’s child support calculation took effect in April

In April, significant changes went into effect regarding Ohio’s child support calculation. These represent the first major changes to the child support system since 1992.

The changes are aimed at benefiting children by collecting more money on their behalf and encouraging both parents to remain involved in the child’s life. This is done by trying to better reflect current economic times, address some root causes of unpaid child support and acknowledge other types of support a non-custodial parent may offer.