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Month: April 2020

Understand zoning codes when buying Ohio property

Cities in Ohio, including Toledo, have zoning laws that outline what types of buildings can go in specific areas. This is meant to help ensure that the residents and businesses have dedicated spaces that don’t infringe upon each other. While it is possible to have a...

Who pays for the fence under Ohio law?

Are you wondering who is responsible for the fence that separates your property from your neighbors? Don't worry, Ohio laws make it clear who is responsible for the fence. You can resolve your Ohio fence line disputes by seeing which of these three rules apply to your...

Accurate fence lines are important

You come home from work one day to see that your neighbor has started building a fence between your property and their property. They just got a dog, so you expected them to put up a fence at some point. You smile and wave on your way into the house, and then you...

Zoning laws, permitted use and Ohio communities

Cities and villages in Ohio have the power of self-governing because this is a home rule state. One effect of this is that each local government has the ability to set zoning regulations as it sees fit. The exception to this is that townships and counties don’t have...