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Month: June 2020

Diplomacy may help in boundary disputes

One of the worst things that you might have to deal with when you buy a new property is a boundary dispute with a neighbor. When you purchase a home, you should have full use of all your land. You also don't want a neighbor erroneously deciding that you're responsible...

What can go wrong during the closing on a home?

You found your dream home, made an offer and the buyer accepted, so congratulations are definitely in order. Now, you’re just waiting on your closing date, right? What can go wrong? Plenty. Here are some of the potential problems you can encounter: Financing will be...

Can you put an end to an easement?

An easement grants someone else the right to use the land in a certain way. For example, a neighbor may want to share a driveway to get to their property. They never own that driveway, but they do have a legal right to use it. This way, they can get to their own...