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Helping You Navigate The Complexities Of Real Estate Contracts

Last updated on February 9, 2021

The way in which real estate contracts are written is purposeful; they are legally dense and often difficult to understand. It is essential to have a lawyer on your side who can break down that language, so you thoroughly understand what you are signing and what it means for you. At Nolan Law, LLC, our firm is committed to helping commercial and residential clients in all of their contract needs. Formerly an attorney at a large law firm, founder Joshua Nolan now operates his own firm, providing large-firm capabilities with small-firm service. He can tailor his approach to suit your specific contract and other real estate needs.

Types Of Contracts

Any real estate transaction will involve at least one contract. Most transactions will involve more than one at some point in time. From our office in Toledo, our firm can assist in handling all types of real estate contracts, including:

  • Intent to buy or sell a property
  • Contracts for deed
  • Purchase agreements
  • Contracts with real estate developers and investors
  • Lease agreements on behalf of landlords
  • Listing agreements

Drafting, Review, Negotiation And Litigation

We confidently handle all aspects of real estate contracts, including the below matters:

  • We can draft a contract from scratch, including all of the language necessary to preserve your rights and directly state your intentions. Our firm can also review contracts once they are drafted. This is an especially important step, as you should not sign a contract without having an attorney review it in its entirety to ensure you aren’t obligating yourself to anything that is unrealistic or impossible.
  • Once a contract has been drafted and reviewed, we can also take things from there. In some situations, negotiations may have to take place in order for the terms of the contract to be agreeable for both parties. This may result in some back and forth, but ultimately, we put your best interests first and ensure the contract suits those interests.
  • In the event that the terms of a contract have been violated or there has been some other breach of the contract, our firm can take action to protect you. We can initiate litigation with the party that breached, filing suit and taking the case to court whenever necessary.

Discuss Your Real Estate Contract Questions With Us Today

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