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Do you have a say about a potential local wind turbine project?

On Behalf of | Mar 19, 2020 | Uncategorized |

Wind turbines have a reputation for being environmentally friendly and green projects. They transform naturally occurring winds into a potential source of energy through the mechanical turning of the blades of a turbine. 

Renewable energy has a number of benefits, but wind turbines, in particular, may raise concerns with people and communities nearby. Research has shown that the less input people have in the planning and permitting process, the more negative they feel toward nearby wind turbine installations. 

If you live in direct proximity to a planned or proposed wind turbine project, you may worry about how the wind turbines will affect your quiet enjoyment of your property and what rights you have regarding the project.

Make sure you have accurate information about the proposed project

Before you start working to organize your neighbors and take action about a proposed wind farm, it’s important to really understand the scope and scale of the project as proposed. Many people feel surprised to learn that there are wind turbine systems that fit neatly on to the roofs of buildings, for example.

While these may not be quite as efficient at producing energy as large offshore models used in places like the Netherlands, they are still efficient without being an eyesore. Obviously, the larger and taller the turbines are and the more of them someone plans to install, the greater the potential visual impact and auditory. There’s also the potential impact on the local bird population to consider. 

Once you know the actual plans for the project, you can then determine if it will truly have an impact on your enjoyment of your property or your property value. If the wind turbine project could impact your life of community negatively, you may need to speak up in order to protect yourself and others in your community.