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Know your eviction rights as an Ohio landlord

On Behalf of | May 8, 2020 | Uncategorized |

Renting out your property to other individuals is more complicated than you might think. Both landlords and their tenants must abide by laws set forth to protect all parties. Whether you are already renting out your property or are preparing to become a landlord, knowing the state’s eviction laws is vital in avoiding disputes and litigation.

Like other states, Ohio has created a system to regulate the rights and the obligations of each party in a residential rental agreement. We urge all state landlords to acquire protection from an attorney experienced in real estate law. However, it is possible to avoid many legal problems associated with evictions just by educating yourself.

Below, you will find several examples of when landlords may take possession of their property under state law.

  • Tenants have defaulted on their rent payments
  • Tenants or guests have violated state housing, building, safety or health codes
  • Tenant is a registered sex offender and the property is near a child-centered facility
  • Tenant pleaded guilty to or was convicted for a sexual offense
  • Tenant pleaded guilty to or was convicted for an offense against a child
  • Tenants remain in the dwelling after the rental term ends

This knowledge can protect you if a dispute arises between you and your tenants. It can also help you make good decisions on when and how to initiate eviction proceedings. When or if a simple dispute leads to possible litigation, consider seeking guidance from a real estate law firm with experience protecting landlords.

If you wish to learn more about complying with the state laws governing property rentals, we encourage you to continue exploring our website.