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Do you need a real estate attorney for your closing?

On Behalf of | Sep 20, 2020 | Real Estate |

You’ve been looking for business property to call your own for some time. You started shopping around for commercial properties and finally located one in a great area with good foot traffic. You made a low offer, and it was accepted. While you were elated, you were also caught off-guard and didn’t know what had to happen next. 

In this kind of situation, it’s a good idea to work with your realtor as well as a real estate attorney. This is a major purchase, and its one you want to be sure is right for you. Your attorney can help you throughout the process, making sure the contracts you sign are in your best interests.

Do you need an attorney to close on a piece of property in Ohio or Michigan?

When you’re getting ready to close on a piece of real estate, having your attorney there is essential. Your attorney is there to do a few things for you. They can:

  • Represent you at a commercial or residential real estate closing
  • Examine the title and verify that it is authentic and clear
  • Disburse fees or funds where needed
  • Serve as a liaison and coordinate communication between yourself and other parties involved in the transaction
  • Prepare a report for any title insurance company you’re working with

What is interesting is that neither Ohio nor Michigan requires you to work with a real estate attorney, but that doesn’t always work out in your favor. A real estate attorney can help you be sure that you’re protected and getting the property in the condition that you expected: With a clear title and good contract.