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What type of documentation should landlords keep?

On Behalf of | Sep 9, 2020 | Uncategorized |

Realizing that you’re having issues out of a tenant in one of your rental properties can be challenging. Because of the chance that you’ll have to pursue an eviction through the court system, it’s imperative that you keep detailed records of all the interactions you have with the tenants. You also need to keep documentation of any complaints or other information you have regarding those tenants.

The documentation you must keep starts with the application and lease. You should also have detailed information about the rent the tenant paid, including the date, amount and method of payment. Any late payments, including fees incurred, must be recorded.

You also need to keep records of everything related to maintaining the rental unit. This includes the requests for repairs from the tenant, requests for you or your agent to enter the dwelling, and records of what’s done within the unit.

When it comes to the tenant breaking the lease or having complaints made against them, be sure that you keep records of all incidents. These should include the date, time, person you speak with and any pertinent information that’s exchanged. You also need to document any notifications or warnings you issue to the tenant.

Sometimes, landlords have to deal with sob stories about various things. While it may benefit you to work with a long-term tenant, remember that your rentals are your business. If the time comes that you need to remove a tenant, go through the proper legal channels. Your attorney can help you to ensure that your rights and interests are being protected throughout the process.