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Wind turbine concerns must be addressed

On Behalf of | Sep 9, 2020 | Uncategorized |

Wind turbines provide a renewable source of energy and are considered generally safe. This leads some individuals to think that wind turbine farms near residential areas aren’t an issue. Unfortunately, these people don’t realize that being safe doesn’t mean that there aren’t impacts to the people who live near the turbines.

One of the primary issues that people who live near wind turbines face stems from the noise of them. People who lived in an area in which the wind turbines produced sound values of 40 to 46 decibels reported being annoyed by the noise more than individuals who lived in areas in which the turbines produced a sound of 25 decibels or less.

The noise disturbances can cause sleep changes in the people who are near these. While one Statistics Canada study noted that there wasn’t a direct link between wind turbines and sleep problems, there is no doubt that people do experience negative environmental quality of life. This is something that must be considered when evaluations for locations of wind turbines are being done. Putting them too close to homes may lead the occupants of those homes to become troubled by the noise.

While studies find that wind turbines are safe, there are still quality of life issues that exist. Any resident who is concerned about pending changes that will allow wind turbines to exist near their home should seek legal counsel quickly. Options are sometimes available that can address these concerns. Your attorney may battle on your behalf against zoning changes that would permit these turbines, and they might be able to unearth conflicts of interests pertaining to local officials who are part of the process.