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Nighttime ban lifted for Ohio wind farms

On Behalf of | Oct 6, 2020 | Real Estate |

There is bad news if you do not want wind farms close to your Ohio home or are worried about their effect on birds and bats. Plans for the country’s first freshwater wind farm, on Lake Erie, appear to have made a breakthrough regarding nighttime usage.

Previously, the Ohio Power Siting Board had refused to allow the proposed development to operate during the night between March and November to protect airborne wildlife. However, they have now changed their minds and removed that ban. Those promoting the wind farm believe this is essential to make it financially viable. Others are not so pleased with the decision.

Wind farms have long been controversial throughout Ohio. While they provide cleaner energy than coal or nuclear plants, they bring their own set of problems. Many feel the effect on local wildlife needs more analysis. Some who live close to them worry about the noise. Others fear that the locations chosen may spoil the view for miles around.

One factor specific to this wind farm is the effect it will have on fish. U.S wind farms have previously all been built on dry land or placed in the sea. There is a lack of evidence to determine how siting the turbines in a freshwater lake will affect the local marine life. The outcome of the battle over this project will likely have another effect. If approved, it could be the first of many freshwater wind farms.

If you have concerns about a proposed wind farm, you will need the help of an attorney who has represented others contesting wind turbine developments. They can offer valuable guidance.