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When you need to take on city hall in zoning matters

On Behalf of | Oct 2, 2020 | Zoning Matters |

The local municipality has implemented new zoning laws throughout the city. Big changes are about to arrive not only in your neighborhood, but along every street. With the laws in place, the city government has loosened the once strict zoning laws in order to build more housing developments and apartment complexes as well as convert some homes into triplexes.

The reshaping of your neighborhood does not appeal to you and other residents. One such project will lead to the demolition of a park and a few residential homes in order to make way for a new apartment complex. It is time to take on city hall and file a lawsuit.

Zoning laws change

Zoning issues regularly surface. Laws change and evolve, sometimes causing perceived disruptions to the neighborhood. Zoning laws govern the land’s use and what types of buildings can be constructed on that land. While the intent of these laws is to protect the health and safety of people, some people affected by the outcomes of these laws or changes may disagree.

Here are some scenarios that could lead to lawsuits against municipalities:

  • When the city plans to develop a subdivision or apartment complex in your neighborhood that could prove detrimental.
  • If the city blocks your attempt to subdivide investment property due to strict zoning laws.
  • When the city rezones your residential lot, making it impossible to build long-planned additions to your home.

Land use and zoning matters can cause frustration for some people. If you find yourself in a pending battle with city hall over a zoning situation, seek an attorney with experience in this area of the law.