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Wind turbines: Clean energy could come at a price

On Behalf of | Nov 16, 2020 | Uncategorized |

Ohio has lots of wide-open spaces, so it makes sense to add wind turbines. However, these turbines can be worrisome to the individuals and businesses that are around them. It’s true that these can be extremely dangerous, especially if they are not sited correctly.

There are physical risks associated with wind turbines. They can cause harm to animals and people as they spin at up to 200 mph. In cold climates, ice can form and be thrown from the blades. In worst-case scenarios, blade throw could occur when a blade breaks free and is flung from the turbine.

You deserve to have a voice if wind turbines may be installed near you

It is important for you to have a voice and to have your say if someone wants to install wind turbines near your business or home. You should be able to participate in public proceedings and to have a say in any changes in zoning laws or other turbine-related decisions. Whether you’re in Ohio or Michigan, it’s fair to say that you deserve the opportunity to know if these turbines will have a negative effect on your life and to prevent them from doing so if they will.

Wind turbines do have benefits because they provide clean power. This kind of green energy may become more common in the future, but it’s essential that it is put in a safe area and won’t have a negative effect on those around it. If you have concerns, then you should get the opportunity to speak out against the turbine or to learn more about how it will impact your region. An attorney can provide you with more information about your legal options.