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Gun range application highlights the importance of zoning laws

On Behalf of | Dec 24, 2020 | Zoning Matters |

Plans for a new shooting range and gun store in nearby Sylvania have stirred up mixed opinions among community members. The situation highlights the importance of understanding your local Toledo zoning laws before investing in real estate.

What is zoning and why is it so important?

Zoning is where the local authority divides the land it governs in to separate areas designated for specific uses. It is a way of avoiding utter chaos and creating a pleasant place for people to live and work.

Imagine a world without zoning. You buy your dream home in a quiet residential area, and then someone builds an industrial park in the middle of it. Or you enroll your children in the local school, only for someone to open a strip club next door. One of the reasons people are opposed to the gun range in Sylvania is because it is within a mile of the local high school.

Investigate local zoning laws before investing in real estate

If you fail to verify and understand the local zoning regulations before you sign a real estate contract, you could waste a lot of time, money and effort. Buying a great plot of land at a bargain price could leave you out that money if the council turns down your plans to build a golf course because the area is in an agricultural zone. Your dream of turning a derelict house into a small office building will be in vain if the council has designated the site for residential purposes only.

Before making any real estate purchase, have an attorney check the local zoning laws. While laws can change, and local authorities may make exceptions, it is best to know where you stand before committing.