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Post-divorce vacation planning

On Behalf of | Oct 17, 2022 | Family Law |

The arrival of fall means that children have become accustomed and reaccustomed to the daily routine of school. The moment the first bell rings, they are already thinking of upcoming breaks. Their newly divorced parents are also trying to navigate unprecedented terrain.

However, before making plans, the custody agreement should undergo a “once-over” to ensure that it covers family events. Many pacts allow for a certain level of flexibility.

In the end, time is of the essence as travel businesses recommend booking sooner rather than later.

Collaboration is key

Another reason to take more proactive steps in dividing holidays and school breaks is to make time to have challenging and potentially contentious conversations with exes. When customary traditions are set aside and changed, a fear of an uncertain “new normal” can be difficult.

The devil will be in the details, with the custody agreement dictating when the children stay with each parent. From pick-ups and drop-offs, sharing itineraries is of paramount importance. Simply put, both parents being involved and aware of the other’s plans, the easier it will be on the kids.

Children are already enduring a new routine. The sooner plans can be made, the less likely they are left wondering how they will spend special family events. In addition, gatherings will be back to normalcy after two years of a worldwide pandemic that minimized travel and maximized staying at home.

Life has changed for them, requiring cooperation between their parents when it comes to special events.