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Ohio spouses can pursue dissolution instead of divorce

On Behalf of | Aug 31, 2023 | Family Law |

Most adults in Ohio recognize that divorce can be a messy, emotional and very expensive process. They may have witnessed their parents’ divorce years ago or watched close friends go through family court to settle property division disagreements and custody disputes.

Divorce can be so unpleasant and costly that there are those who intentionally avoid initiating divorce proceedings even though they feel absolutely miserable in their marriages. Those suffering from unhealthy and unhappy marital relationships may not realize that they have an alternative option. In Ohio, spouses can pursue a much faster, less expensive and less contentious marital dissolution as opposed to a traditional litigated divorce.

Dissolution requires mutual agreement

What differentiates dissolution from traditional divorce is the absence of conflict and therefore the ability to proceed with the end of a marriage without the intervention of a family law judge. A judge will still need to review and approve the filing, but they will not need to hear evidence or make determinations about property division matters or parental responsibilities.

The spouses must cooperate with each other when they file paperwork with the courts. They also have the option of filing paperwork to convert an initially disputed divorce into a dissolution if they reach an agreement later. Having lawyers directly negotiate a settlement can work in some cases. Other spouses might find a way to agree and compromise if they attend mediation together. So long as they resolve all of the major considerations about separating their finances and taking responsibility for their children, they can either file a request for dissolution or convert a divorce filing to a dissolution filing.

There are many benefits to dissolution

Those who feel very strongly about preserving certain assets or certain parental rights may find that working toward dissolution is the best option for their household. Individuals who value their privacy, who want to minimize how much conflict their children witness or who want to control the expenses involved in divorce may also find that dissolution is the preferable approach when compared with a litigated Ohio divorce.

Considering every option may benefit those thinking about making a major change to their families in Ohio.